USN armor-piercing projectiles, complete save base fuze and explosives.  Only a few of these remain in stock and they are in excellent condition considering their age. Original paint and good marks, which you very seldom see on WWII projectiles. The colors mean: Black: Armor piercing Yellow: High Explosive White band with red dots: Tracer. Shell made in many pieces, the 4 of which remain include rotating band, forged hardened body, soft steel ballistic cap, and thin windshield, which screws off. The windshield has a less-than-dime-sized hole punched in it for demil purposes (easy to patch up for display if desired.) Dimensions: about 3 inches in diameter and 12 inches tall. Made in 1942. We've shown three in the photo to give you an idea of the variation among them-yours should be in as-good or better condition than those shown.. There are minor differences in band and stencil markings among those onhand, but all were originally made in 1942. The last set of initials on the band varies from "WNY" (maybe Washington Navy Yard?), to "WMY" ??, to D.S.R. (an inspector?) There are three distinct sets of markings on the shell. The marks made at the time of forging which are on the base, the marks on the copper band made at the time of final assembly, and marks made in the 1950's when the items were refurbished and a new marking system was introduced (the white stenciling.) Another version of the marks on the base contains "GMFP2" vs. GMO-J. The former may or may not be "General Motors Forging Plant No. 2." GMO-J? I don't know. All of the paint except the white stenciling was put on in 1942 when the shell was made. Painting black over this stenciling reverts the item to its WWII configuration. These were used by escort and auxiliary ships during WWII, and aboard larger ships for 3-inch secondary batteries. The 3-inch 50 caliber slow-fire gun, although designed as an anti-aircraft weapon, was used largely as an anti-surface armament, and these projectiles were the primary projectile to use against surfaced submarines. They were all base-fuzed, with a delay to allow armor penetration before they detonated. They were formerly filled with explosive "D". The projectiles were still in the Navy inventory during the service life of the postwar 3-inch 50 caliber rapid fire gun system, and would have been useful in gunfire support against certain hard targets ashore.  Our internal code for this variant is "type A" to distinguish it from the scarcer "type B" which has nose color code of Black-Yellow-Black, with red "T's" on the yellow band.  Those are listed as a different item, as long as the few we have last, that is.

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