40mm L70 HE Prefragmented Proximity-Fuzed Round

Inert round, 40mm L70, high-explosive prefragmented proximity-fuzed, brass case.  These high-performance rounds were developed for the US Army's "Sergeant York" or DIVAD program of the 1970's-80's.  The proximity fuze caused the projectile to detonate within lethal range of an aircraft, which was turned into a seive by the many tungsten pellets contained in a jacket around the explosive.  The jacket and pellets remain in these original rounds, but the explosive was never loaded in.  Note the pellets in the rubber jacket in the last two photos of a disassembled round.  If you want a new projectile without fuze to disassemble, we plan to add those to our catalog soon, if you want one now just ask and we'll price it out for you.  We also offer the target practice round for the weapons system mentioned above.

40mm L70 HE Prefragmented Proximity-Fuzed Round
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