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Some of our items for sale at a show:

5-ton Civil War cannon being moved from the garden onto a flatbed, using a gantry.



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What we like: Any of the following preferably inert items which are legal for the average collector to own in the U.S.: Ordnance, Artillery, Artillery Ammo, Underwater Ordnance, Aviation Ordnance, Explosive Devices, Improvised Explosive Devices, Torpedos, Mines, Grenades, Rockets, Shipboard Ordnance, Field Artillery, Siege Artillery, Mountain Artillery, Artillery Projectiles, Shells, Cartridges, Machine Guns, Paramilitary Weapons, Nonlethal Weapons, Gas Guns, Firearms, Destructive Devices, Cannons, Pyrotechnics, Gun Propellants, Cartridge Primers, Cartridge Cases, Armored Vehicles, Tank Guns, Antiaircraft Guns, Field Guns, Howitzers, Mortars, Mortar Shell, Artillery Shell, Fire Control, Range Finders, Ordnance Equipment, Coast Artillery, Rapid Fire Guns, Assault Weapons, Chemical Weapons, Special Weapons, Nuclear Weapons, Biological Weapons, Chemical Corps, Army Artillery, Antitank Guns, and Naval Guns. Please make sure anything you want to offer us is "legal." We cooperate fully with Law Enforcement agencies regarding any "contraband" items. 


57mm Antitank Gun. M1, List of Parts we have for sale:


Partial Catalog of Parts for 57MM Antitank Gun*
A4-Breechblock, stripped  $999.99

A18-Firing Pin Case Complete with all parts (firing mechanism that fits in breechblock) $250.

B9/15-Breechblock Actuating Lever Assy. (op lever and catch, less small hardware) $375.

A44-Firing pin holder rod $45.

A49-Firing pins $25. ea.

A50-Firing pin staple $10. ea.

J8-Breech cam lever (about a foot long, threaded pivot on one side) $395.

J-19/20-Shifting cam lever Assy. $125.

B-19/20-Firing Lever Assy. (T shaped piece that pivots on rear of breech ring next to firing lock, complete with all small parts) $195.

B-41-Breech Ring Plate (Block with 4 holes that mounts under T piece on breech ring, left side) $125.

B-40-Set of 4 screws, machine, 3/8x24.1.25 for plate B-41 (allen head vice original slot head) $20.

?2-Y-shaped? firing link cam lever for left of breech ring $125.

A-15-Rack gear for breech op spring housing $225.

B-28-Pinion, Rack (Drive gear, segment type, for breech actuator shaft) $195.
B-35-Breech actuating shaft (over 1 foot long, fluted, with offset cam on one end) less roller, collar, and pin $495.

Various small parts for firing case A-51,42,45, 46, 24, etc.  $20. each

-Stuck case extractor tool $195.  (SOLD OUT)

A-5,6-Extractor set, right and left, made for 90MM Is. conversion of this gun, need small mod, usually donen using weld buildup, to extract 57mm case $150

Z-14-Brass sight with handwheel on left, in box, new, includes parts Z-15 thru 29?? $95.

A-5-Breechblock firing pin bushing, threaded, new $75.

A-10-Case, spring assembly complete with parts A-11 thru A-17 $450.

A-17-Spring for above $95.

B-3-Link, cocking, striker $175.

B-2-Arm $175

B-36-Sleeve, actuating shaft $75

B-8/14-Catch, retaining, lever $25.

E-8/9-Cap (for cradle) $175.

H-7+H-15-19-Arm, shoulder $250.

pin, connecting $35.

misc. small h/w for op handle    $30.


Y-19 No. 5 in our photo.  Eccentric, range, for telescope mount $195.

Y-43 No. 4 in our photo.  Segment, range scale, for telescope mount $275.

G-15 No. 3 in our photo.  Actuating Lever, L-shaped, for Firing Gear $145.

?1  "Rack sector" flat piece, curved with two holes $50.

?3   90 degree curved lever pivots on one end, No. 2 in our photo $50.

X1  No. 1 in our photo, Trail Spreader Assembly, $295.

*Prices and availability subject to change without notice    List 151114a





30mm x 173 Anti-Armor Lab Test Rounds, set of 3

30mm x 173 Anti-Armor Lab Test Rounds, set of 3

Three different colored 4-piece sabots holding spherical fragment simulator for testing ballistic armor samples in a lab. Since mine and bomb fragments often achieve very high velocities, special means are needed to launch simulated fragments...

40mm L60 AP-T Round, WWII, Brass Case

40mm L60 AP-T Round, WWII, Brass Case

WWII round used by the famous Bofors guns, by both Army and Navy, against ships or light armored vehicles. The projectiles have a tracer cavity in the tail. The nose is a steel windshield, and under that cap is the armor-piercing stuff. The cap...

40mm L70, Pair of Rounds, TP and HE/PPX

40mm L70, Pair of Rounds, TP and HE/PPX

Pair of 40mm L70 rounds, those on either side in the photo. Center is older L60 round shown for comparison only. Left round is target practice, right is tactical proximity-fuzed HE prefragmented anti-aircraft round. The projectile has hundreds of...

5.56mm Ammo Belt, Dummy, 60 Rounds LC Army

5.56mm Ammo Belt, Dummy, 60 Rounds LC Army

Official Lake City Arsenal-loaded 5.56mm Army dummy rounds, Recent Army subdued dummy format, brass cases, steel disintegrating links, for SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon.) These Army dummies are so realistic that each one is filled with dummy powder...

 If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask!  We have about 63 tons of stuff on our shelves and would just love to sell you some of it! Nancy Morris, President and Sales Manager.